24 September 2014: Paternity Leave in Portugal

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We have been implementing a paternity leave project for a client in Portugal.

One of our partners employs an individual in Portugal on behalf of a client.


1.The paternity leave has no impact in the vacation days.

2.The father is entitled by law to 10 working days of Paternity leave divided into
– 5 consecutive days, immediately after the birth of child;
– and 5 days consecutive or not, within 30 days from the birth of the child.

In addition to the 10 days vacation, the father can share the mother’s 30 calendar days of maternity leave.

The employee must inform the employer in writing of the duration of the leave, preferably delivering the document requesting the parenthood subsidy that was handed to Social Security –
This absence is not paid by the employer; the employee will receive through Social Security.

However in the case we dealt with the employees took 20 days of leave, and the employer advanced the funds to the employee: so effectively the employee received a normal salary. This was done in case the Portuguese social security paid the allowance to the employee late.

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