Our Team

Anab Tschumi

Anab Tschumi is based in Geneva and is in charge of developing our service for Francophone clients.

Angelica De Vrij

Angelica De Vrij is based in Belgium and looks after the PEO pricing database as well as doing invoicing and payments for Compandben SA .

Denise Wales

Denise Wales is based in USA and has just started to learn the Compandben Business for project management.

Esmeralda Lopez

Esmeralda Lopez is the wife of Humberto Teixere , and has taken over Humberto’s clients for project management and account management. Humberto now works in Ireland.

George Ross

George Ross

Global Account Director for Compandben SA in Switzerland

George’s previous experience in building successful Sales teams, often in countries where his Employer had no entity, combines well with the Compandben solutions.

The key is to have the employee reporting directly, and responsible to your team, whilst the local Employer of Record/Professional Employer Organisation (PEO), takes care of Employment Law in that country.

Prior to joining Compandben SA, George was an International Sales Director in complex Global Network, Infrastructure and Application Sales and Global Outsourcing.

  • 30 years in complex multi $M International Sales
  • Hire and develop Sales teams, including Account Managers, Solution Designers, Bid Managers, Project Managers and Service Managers
  • Winning sales strategies
  • Winning proposals/Bids
  • Consistently over achieved Sales and customer satisfaction Targets

Kathrine Prinsloo

Kathrine Prinsloo is based in UK and assists in accounts and invoicing.

Luke Chitty

Luke Chitty is based in Scotland and provides project management and account management for both Compandben SA and Compandben International clients.

Jolene Porter

Jolene Porter is based in UK and is responsible for invoicing and accounting in Compandben International Ltd, as well as being responsible for Compandben Ireland

Kevin Parker

Kevin Parker manages Compandben International Ltd as well as being the account manager for one of our 3 largest clients.

Mike Shnyder

Mike Shnyder is the head of RMG in Manchester and works closely with Compandben

Terry Money

Terry Money looks after the Higher Education Division, containing our largest client.

The countries where Compandben employs staff directly are: