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25th November 2020
International Payroll Services

Miles for Mothers sponsorship

22nd November 2020
International Payroll Services

Staff waiting for visas

We are getting a small but increasing stream of requests to employ staff in various foreign locations
13th January 2020
International Payroll Services

Employee Handbooks, Multi Country

We have had a request from a potential client to produce EMPLOYEE HANDBOOKS for employees in France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland and eventually Australia and Canada.
10th January 2020
International Payroll Services

Perhaps Greta Thunberg Will Increase Worldwide Employment ?

We were contacted just after Christmas by a USA based client that had a team in Singapore covering several countries-notably China, Taiwan, Vietnam. The client was interested in having an employee in China, another in Vietnam. (We provide Employer of Record Services ( PEO services) globally -120+countries so clients can have staff in foreign countries without setting up legal entities).
8th January 2020
Payroll provider GERMANY

HR Support in Munich

Effective September 2019 Cmpandben has provided an experienced German consultant to provide HR support for Germany to the Munich office of a UK based public relations firm.