7 January 2015: Italy – Incentive for Employing a Previously Unemployed Person

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8th October 2014
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21st January 2015

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In Italy employer charges are reduced up to 100% for 2 years for hiring an unemployed person. Also for foreign firms registered as Employers. The following details are provided in conjunction with our Employment Service Partner Company in Italy, in response to a query.

The Italian government provides a financial incentive for firms that hire employees who are unemployed. The concession is available even to foreign firms that are just registered as Employers in Italy (even without a branch or other legal entity). It lowers the Employer social charges from the normal 30% of gross remuneration to 15% or even to ZERO for employees hired while previously unemployed. The 30% doesn’t include the end of service indemnity of approximately 8.5% (called TFR) which is still payable. The concession lasts up to 2 years and applies only to EMPLOYER social charges – employees pay their social security contributions as normal.

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