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Payroll Providers in Mexico

The Compandben HR, Accounting and Payroll Partner in MEXICO is based in Mexico City

The firm produces about 10,000 Payslips per month and has 16 payroll clients ranging from firms with 1 employee to those with 800 employees.

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Compandben HR Consultancy
5 Rue de L’Orangerie
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The three largest clients are:

  • Automotive Industries: 3,200 payslips per month.
  • Cosmetic Industries: 2,000 payslips per month
  • Textile industries: 2,400 payslips per month.


The industries in which there is particular experience are:



In total the firm has 25 employees and payroll staff has 50 employees

The annual turnover is US$ 1,2 Million

The firm has 12 years in the business outsourcing process solution market, 10 years of experience in payroll services and more than 12 years of experience in Mexican Human Resources market as Payroll & Human Resources Software developers. They have bilingual staff – English/ Spanish/German.


It is a firm of qualified accountants, software developers, Human resources experts, Outsourcing processes specialist and tax consultants, and can provide services such as:

• Company set up- we normally will advise the “lightest” possible structure so where it is possible to employ staff without setting up a legal entity we will tell you.
• Accounting, bookkeeping, and accounting operations such as accounts payable, general ledger
• Tax Advice—employment taxes, social charges, corporate tax, VAT,
• HR advice including employment law and regulations, employee handbooks, employment contracts and job offers, remuneration and benefits, terminations.
• Expatriation issues including visa regulations, split payrolls, tax equalization and shadow payrolls.

Mexican Laws and Regulations

A note has been written by our HR, Payroll and Accounting partners in Mexico, introducing their services. It begins:

“We know there is a lot of information here, and we know you are not looking to be experts in Mexican Labor matters as it might take much time and not be worthwhile for a small volume of staff compared to the staff contracted in HQ.

That’s why we offer Human Resources Administration services, so our customers can have their operation in Mexico assisted by HR Experts who will work shoulder to shoulder with you to keep your company aligned to Mexican Laws and rules, and beyond this, to have the staff focused on their real job.”

The note provides detail under a number of headings which include:

  • Maternity Leave in Mexico
  • Paternity Leave in Mexico
  • About The Family and Medical act in Mexico (FML)
  • Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) Insurance in Mexico: Provided by Mexican Social Security
  • About Long Term Disability (LTD) Insurance in Mexico: Covered by Mexican Social Security
  • Laws which govern Payroll and Human Resources in Mexico
  • Dependencies which review the development of labor matters in Mexico – Federal
  • Background checks can be done – drug screen testing?
  • How many established holidays are there in Mexico?
  • Holiday: Official days of Holidays, Non-official days of Holidays:


  • Vacation days
  • Hours of Work normal time and overtime
  • How much vacation is normal?
  • Christmas bonus
  • End of service indemnity
  • Trial period contract.
  • Fixed length contract.
  • Undefined length contract.
  • Requirements for releasing someone?
  • Probationary period when someone starts?
  • How frequently people receive pay in Mexico?  Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly?
  • Quoting monthly costs – how many working hours per month and per week are included?
  • Work on an hourly basis as a contractor – do we pay just for hours worked, or do we pay on a monthly basis like a salary?

The final heading leads to an important statement:

“Mexico has approved last year a new labor law which established hourly basis but, unfortunately, Social Security charges are based monthly and there do not exist clear

rules to pay on hourly basis yet.

We suggest paying on a monthly basis like a salary for the moment.”