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Welcome to Compandben Mozambique

The Compandben Human Resources Partner in Mozambique

The Compandben Partner Company in Mozambique is a Maputo based Human Resources Consultancy company that provides solutions in administration and management of human resources.

The company has been in the marked since 2011 and its range of clients include national companies and international companies, private and NGO organisations, particularly in the development sector. The team is composed of highly qualified and experienced staff that strives to achieve the highest quality of services.

Our range of services include:

  • Recruitment and Selection,
  • Coaching for Results
  • Assessment of Behavioural Profiling – PDA,
  • Development and implementation of HR tools and systems
  • Payroll Solutions,
  • Professional Employer Organisation (PEO)
  • Outsourcing Solutions in  Human Resources

Payroll processing:

The management of salaries is a complex task that has impact in the most important aspects of your talent management, particular if you wish to have the ability of maintaining a flexible paying structure that allows you to offer competitive salaries to particular individuals with skills that are scarce in the market.

Compandben’s partner has a team of professionals able to offer you the highest standard of payroll management, designed to cater to your needs and that is fully compliant with the labour and fiscal law.

Professional employer organisation

The company is a fully licensed employment agency, which means that it can and do contract staff on behalf of clients. It is important that clients use a licensed firm to avoid the possibility of penalties from the Mozambique legal authorities. This service is particularly useful for

  • Clients that are still undergoing registration;
  • Those that have a project in Mozambique but do not wish to go through the costly and time consuming process of setting up a branch or subsidiary and acquiring a registration, because the employment concerns only a few persons.
  • Companies whose need for employees is short term – say up to 12 months and therefore do not want the complexity of company set up and registration for a short term requirement.

However if clients do want to set up a branch office, our partners in Mozambique can staff it and support with day to day administration to ensure that the client can focus on the core business.

  • The following solutions are ready for you:
  • Payroll processing and payment of salaries direct to the employee account.
  • Payroll processing and submission of payroll to you for payment.
  • Electronic payslips processing and submission.
  • Electronic processing of social charges such as INSS.
  • Management and payment of statutory deductions.
  • Contracting national staff in our name at your services,
  • Contracting staff in our name and manage them using your procedures and polies
  • Benefits for you :
  • Maintain confidentiality of salaries giving you flexibility to make strategic decisions regarding paying outside you pay structure.
  • Frees your time and resources thus allowing you to focus in key processes of your business.
  • Eliminates risk of payroll fraud.
  • Compliance with Mozambican legislation.
  • HR advice –local. realistic, cost effective.