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SPAIN Payroll Administration partner

The Compandben HR, Accounting and Payroll Partner in Spain is based in Madrid, with offices in Lisbon (Portugal).

The firm produces about 2500 payslips per month and has 180 payroll clients ranging from firms with 1 employee to those with 350 employees.

Particular industries involved are:

– PROFESSIONAL SERVICES (Law firms, consultancy)

In total the firm has 105 employees in Spain and there are 13 payroll employees.

Contact Compandben

John Tinsley
Compandben HR Consultancy
5 Rue de L’Orangerie
1202 Geneva
+ 41 79 285 9713

SPAIN Employment Services Partner

Catalonia flag

Payroll Services and Catalonian Nationalism –

One of our clients, a British company with two employees in Barcelona contacted us a couple of weeks ago saying the employees were not happy with the payroll service and could we change to XXX or YYYY company both based in Barcelona.

I contacted our payroll partners in Spain (in Madrid) and they expressed amazement as they had never heard the slightest complaint. I contacted the client and said that we would fully cooperate with the transfer but for the record what was the problem?

I received an e mail saying

“On further investigation my end, it would appear that the main driver for a change is more political. Our Barcelona employees would like the payroll to be completed and executed in Barcelona (Catalunya)rather than in Madrid or anywhere outside Catalunya.”


“My colleagues do seem very sensitive to the political position! I am a little annoyed that they originally used service issues as a cover. It was only when I pushed for real examples and then floated your alternative provider that the truth came out. I am sorry if this caused any disruption with the present firm.”

I said to the client that

“It reminds me …when I was in a telecoms company we got the same problem after the Soviet Union broke up. People in Azerbaijan, Estonia, Ukraine, Georgia etc. wanted their telecommunications messages to be routed through switching centres in …Frankfurt, Karachi, Vienna, Delhi – didn’t matter as long as it wasn’t Moscow. We said “A telecommunications message is a bit of electronics – it doesn’t know where it is being routed…” but it didn’t matter. If it touched Moscow we lost the business“.

  • Fortunately we have a “Partner” firm in Barcelona so we may be able to keep this particular contract.