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Welcome to the Compandben Payroll Partner in Paraguay

The Compandben payroll partner for Paraguay is based in Asunscion and provides both routine payroll processing and also employment services there.

Employment Services in Paraguay

The Compandben Employment Services Provider for Paraguay will employ staff on behalf of clients, so that the client does not need to set up a legal entity in Paraguay

Contact Compandben

John Tinsley
Compandben HR Consultancy
5 Rue de L’Orangerie
1202 Geneva
+41 79285 9713 CH
+44 79581 73708 UK

Welcome to the Compandben International Payroll Partner in Paraguay

Feasible business solutions

Since 2002, the main goal of our partner firm has been to deliver feasible business solutions to their clients.

Based upon their experience and application of business best practices the firm has achieved a clear differentiation in the market through the talent of more than 150 highly trained and client focused professionals and technicians, offering accounting, tax, audit, consulting, business processes outsourcing, training and finance advisory services, frequently chosen by the most important Paraguayan companies.

One of their distinctive features is the strong involvement of its partners in the delivery of services to its clients, which ensures a deep commitment to results and service quality.

It is their belief that business professionals must be focused in their core business; in all the phases of a company life: birth, development and growth. For that reason, the company is able to help its clients in every stage they go through, meeting their specific needs through the participation of a multi – disciplinary team of professionals. They deliver business solutions to create and develop controlled and effective management of operations, advising your company how to attain the best economic value of your investment in the company


Services include outsourced administration and accounting, audit and related services, tax advisory, consulting, corporate services and business training, and outsourced employment of staff on your behalf..

Some of the outsourcing services are:

  • Payment of salaries and social security contributions, keeping of mandatory labor books and compliance with all labor and social rules.
  • Ensuring fulfillment of accounting, tax, labor and social security obligations of the company.
  • Employment solutions through our business unit BPO.
  • Search and recruitment services.
  • Outsourcing processes of accounting entries and control.
  • Permanent advisory on accounting issues.
  • Signing of financial statements in their role of Certified Public Accountants.
  • Payment of taxes and permanent tax advice.
  • Legal entity management, including keeping all its legal books.