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International Payroll & Employment Services Bangladesh

The Compandben International Payroll Partner Bangladesh Dhaka based accountants, auditors and payroll administrators. We have worked with this firm for 4 years or so.

Bangladesh Employment Services

The Compandben Employment Services Pr/ovider for Bangladesh will employ staff on behalf of clients, so that the client does not need to set up a legal entity there.

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John Tinsley
Compandben HR Consultancy
5 Rue de L’Orangerie
1202 Geneva
+41 79285 9713 CH
+44 79581 73708 UK

Welcome to the Compandben International Payroll Partner in Bangladesh

Bangladesh Consultancy Service

We provides a consultancy service in Bangladesh to all Compandben direct clients. We have worked jointly with Compandben working for more than 3 years now ..

The services provided by the firm are
- Payroll Processing,
- Employment Services-sometimes called PEO services or employee leasing.
- Financial Management Services
- HR Services and Consultancy
- Recruitment / Placement services.
- Training

Financial Management Services

Besides managing payroll and hiring client’s employees, the firm also takes care of all accounting needs of the client in the form of Financial management services as listed below

- For Individual Contributors and Managers
- TAX & VAT (for corporate & individual) management.
- Bookkeeping
- General accounting.
- A/C receivable / payable.

Together with strategic relationships with Tax and Audit consultants, the firm focuses on delivering results efficiently which help guide the clients business to even greater profitability.

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