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Welcome to the Compandben International Payroll Partner in Guinea

Compandben covers Guinea from Cameroun through a “cross border” service.

Employment Services Guinea

The Compandben Employment Services Provider for Guinea will employ staff on behalf of clients, so that the client does not need to set up a legal entity there

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The Compandben Partner in Guinea

Compandben’s HR services in Guinea are serviced by our partner in Sierra Leone, which also serves clients in LIberia. The firm has a team of consultants well versed in the different country laws and regulations, to guide clients and to ensure that businesses operate well within the regulations and policies that govern each country.

The firm offers Management Consulting services mainly in the following areas:

Human Resource solutions 

a) Payroll services: easy payroll and payment options including facilitating payment of employees’ salaries into their respective accounts, payment of all statutory obligations (inclusive of tax and Social Security deductions) for staff in all the three jurisdictions.

b) Employment services- sometimes called PEO Services or Portage Salariale in french:
the company employs and manages employees on behalf of clients and addresses all employee related issues including pay their monthly emoluments, statutory pension contribution and severance benefit matters.

c) Recruitment: the company recruits excellent and professional staff matching clients’ requirements. With a presence in multiple countries, the firm has a wide network and have the capacity to recruit from various countries.

d) Change management: company restructuring and systems set up/modification services for companies as well as play advisory roles for companies looking at change management options.

Accounting related services

  a) Bookkeeping and financial reporting: the company has excellent account consultants, who can manage clients’ books, submit accounting reports based on the requirements of the client and ensure full compliance.

b) Fiscal management services are available to companies/NGO’s that provide or depend on grants or other monetary assistance for set objectives. This ensures that monies granted are used for the objectives for which they were given, and regular reports are prepared, backed by necessary supporting documents

Business registration and Company Set up

In each of the countries we operate, business registration and admin services are provided as well as systems set up, which would be geared towards ensuring that clients comply with all initial registration procedures and acquire all relevant licenses in accordance with the different country laws and regulations before commencing operation.

Immigration services

Permits and secure entry visas are applied for, and secured for clients so their employees can reside and work in different countries. Based on request from clients, accommodation and transportation facilities for clients and/or their seconded employees or assignees travelling into any of these countries.

Translation Services

Quick and efficient translation of documents is a service available to clients.