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Professional employer organisation

The company is a fully licensed employment agency, which means that it can and do contract staff on behalf of clients. It is important that clients use a licensed firm to avoid the possibility of penalties from the Mozambique legal authorities. This service is particularly useful for

  • Clients that are still undergoing registration;
  • Those that have a project in Mozambique but do not wish to go through the costly and time consuming process of setting up a branch or subsidiary and acquiring a registration, because the employment concerns only a few persons.
  • Companies whose need for employees is short term – say up to 12 months and therefore do not want the complexity of company set up and registration for a short term requirement.

However if clients do want to set up a branch office, our partners in Mozambique can staff it and support with day to day administration to ensure that the client can focus on the core business.

  • The following solutions are ready for you:
  • Payroll processing and payment of salaries direct to the employee account.
  • Payroll processing and submission of payroll to you for payment.
  • Electronic payslips processing and submission.
  • Electronic processing of social charges such as INSS.
  • Management and payment of statutory deductions.
  • Contracting national staff in our name at your services,
  • Contracting staff in our name and manage them using your procedures and polies
  • Benefits for you :
  • Maintain confidentiality of salaries giving you flexibility to make strategic decisions regarding paying outside you pay structure.
  • Frees your time and resources thus allowing you to focus in key processes of your business.
  • Eliminates risk of payroll fraud.
  • Compliance with Mozambican legislation.
  • HR advice –local. realistic, cost effective.

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