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The Compandben International Payroll Partner in Lebanon

… provides Employment Services as well as payroll administration.

Employment Services in the Lebanon

The Compandben Employment Services Provider for Lebanon will employ staff on behalf of clients, so that the client does not need to set up a legal entity in Lebanon.

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President: Michel Suleiman (2008)

Prime Minister: Tammam Salam (2013)

Land area: 3,950 sq mi (10,230 sq km); total area: 4,015 sq mi (10,400 sq km)

Population (2013 est.): 4,131,583 (growth rate: -0.38%); birth rate: 14.92/1000; infant mortality rate: 15.32/1000; life expectancy: 75.23

Capital and largest city (2009 est.): Beirut, 1.909 million

Monetary unit: Lebanese pound

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Lebanon lies at the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea, north of Israel and west of Syria. It is four-fifths the size of Connecticut. The Lebanon Mountains, which run parallel to the western coast, cover most of the country, while on the eastern border is the Anti-Lebanon range. Between the two lies the Bekaa Valley, the principal agricultural area