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The Compandben Partner in Albania –covering Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Greece Kosovo, Macedonia and Montenegro.

The Compandben partner for International Payroll & HR in Albania is one of the leading recruitment and employment services companies in Balkans Region. It recruits excellent quality staff and fulfills in full compliance all related HR requirements. Extremely active, it has registered offices working at full capacity in Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Greece and USA and offers various HR Products like Headhunting, Recruitment, Staff Leasing, Employer Branding, Outplacement Service, HR Consultancy, Training, Career Advice, Salary Mapping, etc.

The firm believes it is the one of the few Staffing and Recruiting Companies in the region that has a genuine close relation with the candidates, and owns within its organigram candidate profiles that have more than 10 years of experience in career development and career powering.

The company accepts the need to lead in Social Responsibility aspects and is   100% opened for Diversity. The company organized last year the first LGBTIQ Employment Equality Index in the Eastern Europe in cooperation with EU Delegation, Council of Europe, British Embassies, The Netherlands Embassies, Embassies of Sweden, and UNDP.

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Compandben HR Consultancy
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• The partner company offers competitive headhunting services for key professionals

• It provides a service across in many business sectors such as: retail, telecommunication, distribution, electronics, gas and oil, energy, tourism and hospitality, technology, construction, fashion, engineering, banking, production, pharmaceutics etc.

• The service is very competitive and provides clients with an cost effective resource.


• Enabling longer probation period for employees
• Avoiding placement of start-up employees
• Company is not obliged to take employees on board
• Taking qualified candidates on board at any time


• Take advantage of technological development
• Outsource due to a lack of internal experience
• Outsource to improve accuracy
• Outsource to improve compliance
• Outsource to focus on strategy
• Skilled professionals who are particularly focused on HR
• Business should concentrate on a strategic level of the company and avoid unnecessary expenses


• The Group is implementing various projects from international or local donors. To mention some of them are:
• “UNWomen Employment Equality Index” – UNDP Albania
• Building a culture of compliance with the 2010-” Anti- • Discrimination Law” – US Embassy Albania
• “People First Project”, to train and employee more than 2000 Young people in the field of Tourism – USAID Albania


• To measure the quality of the service or compliance with regulations.
• Gather specific information about products and services.
• Providing detailed feedback reports about random and hidden experiences.


• Should reduce hiring costs and ease the hiring process. • Designed to make an organization as appealing working place. • To build an image in the minds of potential employees and in the market as the company: “a great place to work.

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