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The following are quotes from an international HR Group about air quality in China and measures taken – particularly for expats.



We also recognise this as an issue in China and have recently introduced that the provision of air purifiers be negotiated as part of the rental agreement. Where this is not possible we will reimburse the cost up to an agreed maximum, per the bedroom count. The purifiers will where reimbursed, will be handed back to the Company upon assignee repatriation, so that we may recycle.

Currently nothing as this is reflected in the hardship tables from AIRINC. If we were to do anything it would be to administer more “duty of care” support in masks, air purifier in apartments etc. The only thing we did once was provide an additional RR trip but that was all.

I just had a conversation with one of our expats in Beijing, and, although the air quality is horrific, he mentioned that his family makes scheduling adjustments to accommodate. From a company perspective, we do provide an additional percentage on top of the Transitional (COLA) Allowance for hardship (about an additional 15%), but nothing else specific is provided for poor air quality.

We have also had a discussion with our expats regarding the air quality in China during the past couple of years. Air quality is included as one factor in the quality of living index we are applying; that then partly deals with the question. Furthermore we are providing air filters for their housing if needed and in severe situation paying for taxis. We are not making any other payments as of now, but have the situation under review.

This is indeed a concern for our expats (in Shanghai) but besides offering air filter system and mask, we have not implemented anything else. I am very curious to know what other companies are doing.

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